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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Guide to Simple Net Worth Calculation

Knowing your personal net worth can be beneficial in many ways. There is a saying that says "what you focus on grows...what you ignore, does not" or something like that...

Your net worth is one of the ways that you can quantify and track your wealth. If you are commited to building your wealth then knowing your net worth and tracking it over time is a must do.

We just posted a new article on the main website that will leave you without excuses on calculating your net worth. Go check it out and leave a comment or ask a question there: Simple Net Worth Calculation


  1. Are foreign investments included in a person's net worth? We recently purchased a Manila condo unit.

  2. I would certainly include them. Especially if its an investment property since now you have an asset that can both produce income and hopefully increase in value over time.


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