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Friday, February 24, 2012

How Much Energy And Life Are You Trading For Money?

Everyone has to meet their basic needs... a roof to sleep in, food in the table, bills to pay. As your life progresses you somehow fall into the line of thinking that you got to work to make money. However, the more you work the more money you will make and therefore the more "stuff" you can have…

After all,  you work so hard, you deserve it…

Have you stopped to think at what point you will have "enough" and when can you stop working for money?

We are always looking for the promotion, for a job that pays more, for another job in addition to the one you have, and for ways to make more money.

In this process it is easy to fall into a life of work. Where the great majority of your time is spent working for money or in the preparation to work for money or recovering from all the time you spent working for money. So that your work then becomes your life…

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Flipping House #8: The "After" Pictures

So here is the final result of our rehab on House #8. If you haven't already, it is crucial that you go and look at the before picture on House #8 so you can get an idea of the massive amount of work we put into this house. I have included here some before/after shots where you can see the major areas of improvement. 

Overall this was a moderately difficult project. There was all the standard stuff - paint, carpet, cabinetry, roof, flooring, etc. - but there were some areas that resulted in more work and expense than initially planned. 

The whole rehab took about 5 weeks and used 15 different contractors with one project manager (not me) in charge of the whole thing and then me overseeing about 2-3 contractors and then putting in the finishing touches the last week, right before putting it on the market. 

Let the pictures of this house flip speak for themselves (click on pictures to make super huge):


Where to start...new roof, new paint, removed half the shrubs in the front and trimmed way down the rest,  then added new sod where bushes were removed. 

Friday, February 3, 2012

House #8: Fix and Flip “Before” Pictures

This is long overdue but here are the "before" pictures on House #8, our newest fix and flip project. As I had mentioned in  the previous post  this house is in a new area for us and is bigger, nicer and higher price range than what we have done before. 

I'll walk you through the pictures so you can see some of the major repairs and upgrades that we planned for it.

First thing I noticed is the wonderful curb appeal this house will have once we fix the roof and get rid of the blue tarp of course and remove some of the overgrown bushes that don't let you see the house.