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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Flipping House #8: The "After" Pictures

So here is the final result of our rehab on House #8. If you haven't already, it is crucial that you go and look at the before picture on House #8 so you can get an idea of the massive amount of work we put into this house. I have included here some before/after shots where you can see the major areas of improvement. 

Overall this was a moderately difficult project. There was all the standard stuff - paint, carpet, cabinetry, roof, flooring, etc. - but there were some areas that resulted in more work and expense than initially planned. 

The whole rehab took about 5 weeks and used 15 different contractors with one project manager (not me) in charge of the whole thing and then me overseeing about 2-3 contractors and then putting in the finishing touches the last week, right before putting it on the market. 

Let the pictures of this house flip speak for themselves (click on pictures to make super huge):


Where to start...new roof, new paint, removed half the shrubs in the front and trimmed way down the rest,  then added new sod where bushes were removed. 

Had to replace garage side door and replace several pieces of rotted wood around doors/windows. We kept the front door but painted it and dressed it up. The window above the front door had to be replaced and man was it hard to find!

Remember this?

First and foremost was repairing all the water damage. Then got rid of the "80's style" mirrors and then added some  fancy trim to the lower walls. Of course, new bamboo flooring for entire main level.

80's staircase...

Voila! I couldn't believe the major difference that changing the balusters on the stairs made. The stairs sit at the center of the floor plan and are one of the first things you see when you come in the front door . That was probably about $400 worth of parts and labor and it was totally worth it.

Master bedroom.

The master bath. New vanity cabinet with granite countertop/sink unit that I found at a killer price at a building surplus store here in Atlanta. Individual, framed mirrors are the "in" thing now for bathrooms.

Wallpaper everywhere...

We did a complete shower/tub replacement. Added a much more modern tile finish and fixtures.

We were able to keep the kitchen cabinets. We repaired some parts, did a thorough cleaning and resurfacing and then  replaced the countertops for granite. Added a new sink with under counter mount and then replaced all appliances. That  microwave/oven combo unit you see there on the right is the single most expensive appliance I have ever bought. Those things are hard to find!

Upstairs hallway bath with new counter tops/sink/fixtures, new mirrors, lights and new tiled floor. We also did a new tile surround for the tub in this bathroom. 

Roof turned out to be more expensive than budgeted basically because it was big! About 3 more squares than initially estimated.

Finally, one of the things you might notice is the awesome photography. They were taken by a professional photographer and as you can see they make a huge difference. Quality pictures are very important not only because they clearly show the quality of work and detail in the renovation but because they are the first thing a potential buyer sees about the house. If they like the pictures they will want to go and see the house...

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  1. Sebastian G.2/28/12, 3:27 PM

    well done. This is looking absolutely fantastic.

    1. Thanks a lot. We are really happy with the results and so is the buyer ;-)

  2. Shane in TX3/15/12, 9:31 AM

    Great pics :) Professional photographer? Not Carol Scott?

    1. Definitely a professional and as you can see totally worth it. And no it's not Carol... :-)


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