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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

House #9 "Before" Pictures...

House #9 is ours and now we have to deal with it. Some pictures for you of our most recent mess :-). This one packs a punch, for a small house (about 1,500sft) it has quite the laundry list of repairs to do!

On my initial estimate I am coming up with a $33,000 repair budget. Some quick math will tell you that is $22 per square foot. For comparisons sake, House #8 was $21/sft. and it was a larger house with a lot of work needed. I will go into budget details in another post.

Look at the pictures and see if you can figure out what repairs you will do vs. the ones that I am actually doing:

From new roof to new windows, there's a lot coming
Dining room

Living Room
Do I keep the cabinets?...Just kidding, full kitchen replacement coming

How about the wallpaper border?
More living room.

This house has a gigantic yard. I'll be doing some fencing and possibly a staircase.

Changing the supports on the deck and then painting.
Hallway bath

Everything you see here goes...
Bedroom...yes I know...nasty!
Master bedroom...what, you don't like the green?
Master bath.

 As you can see I got my work cut out for me. Most everything you see in these pictures has to be replaced if I am going to find a buyer for this house. Stay tuned...

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