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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

House #9: Planning, Budget and Demo!

The work on House #9 is on it's way. Basically I have spent the last three weeks planning...yes, a whole three weeks. This is due to a number of reasons. 

First, because rehabbing a house while holding a full time job is no picnic. My work takes the first 40+ hours of my week so I have to do this over lunch/nights/weekends. 

Second, since the house needs a lot of work this means that I am going to need a lot of different trades...this one is not a paint and carpet job. So that is a lot of different people that I have to call and wait on for estimates.

So to give you a quick summary here are the steps I have been taking and the order in which I took them:
  1. Inspection- this is going through every nook and cranny in the house to figure out what works and what does not so I can put together the scope of work
  2. Scope of work- once I got my list of repairs then I have to decide between the "haves'" and the "shoulds" and put together the scope. More information on scopes of work, should dos and have to do. 
  3. Putting together the budget - goes hand in had with the SOW but need to get estimates from the different trades to complete. In the end the bad news is that in order to make the forecasted budget I am going to cut some things and I am going to have to manage some of the trades myself instead of being able to hand everything to the GC. Not what I would like but I have no choice. 
  4. Getting estimates - from roofer, HVAC, GC, carpet, painter, appliances, cabinetry and more...this alone took about two weeks
  5. Hiring/Contracts - Once I have hashed out all of the above is time to hire people and all the contractual/legal paperwork that goes along with that
  6. Building the schedule - Although I have an ideal schedule of how the work should be done some things are flexible and I have to consider the availability of the different trades
  7. Buying materials - with the SOW done I put together a large purchase order at Home Depot for the materials needed. Everything from toilets to drywall, from doors to appliances...you name it. The advantage of this is that I get a very good discount from Home Depot because of the size of the order and because I buy through the contractors desk. Therefore my prices on this stuff are lower than your prices.
  8. Starting the work - The roof was the first to go both because of roofers availability and because it does not depend on anything else. Those guys knocked out that roof in one day. Next up was demolition, my favorite part!
The picture on the right was me marking what stays and what goes to make it as clear as possible. Still stuff was taken out that shouldn't have and things left that shouldn't either but oh well, nothing major.

By the way, the other day I wrote about how awesome Sugar Sync is and how much I use it. Well, here's an example. Instead of showing you a picture of the budget like I typically do here's the actual document so you can use it if you need to:

...and the materials list I put together and sent to the contractors desk at Home Depot:

Is that cool or what?...

Anywho, hope those documents help you out. It took me a long time to put together that list of SKU's from HD. 

In the meantime we'll keep trucking along with House #9... On the schedule this week: carpentry in/out, siding repairs, small retaining wall, crawlspace cleanup and drywall... 

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