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Thursday, August 23, 2012

House #10 Before Pictures

Here is what House #10 currently looks like. We have already started work trying to change that. I think overall the house is in good shape. It has a water problem in the basement which is pretty common here in Georgia for a close to 30 year old house. 

What I really like about the house is the location and the neighborhood. The neighbors houses are very well maintained and this one stood out like a sore thumb but we will take care of that...

I really like the brick front. We will be painting the windows and getting
rid of all the overgrown vegetation. The exterior does not require
too much work other than some siding and trim repairs all around.

Living room. I really like the trim and finish in this room. I love the mantle on
the fireplace but hated the brick. We'll be getting creative to change that. 

Breakfast area. Nice hardwood floors will be getting refinished. 

Very nice kitchen cabinets that we are keeping but we will upgrade to
granite tops and stainless appliances.

Basement. Although everyone likes basements they can be challenging.
There is a water problem but the water you actually see here is from a
defective furnace that we will be replacing. But the wall at the end
has had some water problems. We will be doing waterproofing work
on it to get rid of the problem. 

Half bathroom. 

Master bath. Will be turning this into a double sink. 

Will be getting rid of the 80's era tub and doing
a custom shower.

Other bathroom, getting rid of this one too.

Another water problem but this one is from a defective
furnace up in the attic. 

 As you can see other than the water problem in the basement which is a straightforward fix , the house mostly needs updating. We are going to give it a modern touch and then it will match the rest of the neighborhood. More to come... 

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  1. You are right this one does not look that bad. What are you doing to the master bath?

    1. Indeed Kate, the work on this house is mostly about updating and giving it a more modern look . In the master bath we will be making the vanity a two sink vanity which is always a plus and then we are building a custom tiled shower instead of the 80's era tub which no one uses anyway.


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