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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Flipping House #10: The "After" Pictures

Our house flipping project #10 is fully rehabbed and on the market!!

I will tell you that I think I set a new record with this one in terms of how easy and smooth it all went. I believe we got this one done right at three weeks. I have to credit the general contractor I used for doing outstanding work ( and me for hiring him ;-) ). Not only was the work done very well but my "management" (aka control) was seldom needed.

This made for an awesome finished product and a bit more sleep for me at night. I am so proud how this house turned out. You can look at the before pictures to see the dramatic difference.

Allow me to walk you through the improvements...


Cleared out a lot of brush. Fresh paint on shutters, windows
and trim. Trimmed bushes up front and fresh pinestraw all around.

Living room.

Check out the fireplace!!! How you like me now?...
We tiled the fireplace with granite and of course the
new paint colors brightened the room immensely.

Ugly dark colors and wallpaper...

...be gone! Refinished hardwood floors too.

We kept the cabinets because they were in good shape and they
are solid wood all around which is unusual these days.
Added granite countertops,stainless appliances, new lights
and new accesories.

Dining room.

Remember this basement?

BAM!... First off did a waterproofing trreatment on the wall at the end.
Then replaced the furnace that was leaking. New insulation,
new framing and new drywall and voila...

Master bedroom.

Master bath vanity before.

Whatcha think?
It turns out that was a darn expensive vanity because
it was not standard size. But the end result was worth it...me think.

Master bath before...

Whoop, there it is... Brand new shower with custom tile work.

Hallway bath before...

Woot, woot!!

This house flipping project is located in a nice area that is getting a lot of traffic and there is another house for sale in the same street at a higher price. We are hopping we will get some of that traffic and get an offer quickly. 

Soooo...what do you think (about the house not my sad attempt at humor :-) ? Would you have done something different?

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  1. House looks fantastic!
    What about the staging furniture? Do you hire someone to do it or is it yours? What is the cost if you don't mind me asking.

    1. Thanks Jackie.

      All the staging you see in the pictures is ours. We initially hired the staging out but basically for the price of staging one house we were able to go out and buy everything you see here. I think we have now used our staging furniture on 4-5 houses so it already has paid for itself.


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