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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Real Estate Investing Blogs You Should Read

I am a believer in learning from others that are doing what I want to do. Fortunately there are a few investors out there that chronicle their real estate investing adventures on the net. I have learned a great deal from many of these real estate investing blogs and I have even got to know some of these bloggers personally. 

When I was starting out one of the frustrating things for me was learning about real estate investing from some speaker that was trying to sell me a course or “seminar”. Although those courses could teach me something, some of these blogs have taught me more…for free.

By following these blogs I have seen how deals get put together from beginning to end. This is very helpful in allowing you to see how you can do it too. That is one of the reasons I was inspired to start my own site and blog.

Here are some of the real estate investing blogs I read and that I recommend you do too. One of the neat things about these is that you will see different styles, business models, markets, and techniques to invest in real estate:

wealth-steps.comTom Tarrant - I consider Tom more of a builder than a rehabber but his projects are amazing. He used to do amazing rehabs in historic sections of downtown San Antonio but has moved to San Diego and is basically doing new construction with some major rehabs here and there. He has certainly mastered the ability to do masterful rehabs on really old homes where he maintains the "soul" of the original home while giving it a very modern utility and a very classy finish.
 Probably what I like the most about his site are his videos and the great job he does of taking you through all the construction steps. Tom is a bit different from other rehabbers (like me) in that he does quite a bit of work himself. He still hires plenty of trades but from reading his posts you can see he is quite handy and very knowledgeable in construction. 

wealth-steps.com Flip This Wholesaler – Steph Davis is the dynamic gal behind this blog and her specialty was wholesaling real estate. I really liked her blog because it chronicles how Steph went from zero deals to becoming a full time wholesaler. If you go way back on the archives you can see almost her day by day activity. What I liked the most about her blog is that you can see that this girl hustled and worked her butt off to pull this off and become a wholesaling machine.
I think Steph has moved to other areas of real estate investing but the archives are full of lots of great ideas and recommendation about wholesaling real estate. If you really want to see how you can get started in real estate investing with very little to no capital this is the place to go.

wealth-steps.com1-2-3 Flip - J Scott is the author and a full time investor and like me he flips houses in the Atlanta area. He has chronicled every house he has flipped on this site and at last check he is up to House #37.  His blog is unique in the sense that it gives detailed financial analysis of his deals. I have not found this anywhere else and it’s what inspired me to do the same because you can learn a lot from someone else’s deals. I have learned a great deal from him personally and through his blog. J focuses on rehabbing and the bulk of his rehabs are first-time buyer type of houses. He is not the type that goes into houses that need full-gut rehabs or that has to tear down a house and start again. He basically keeps the same floor plan and mostly upgrades and/or updates the house. I have walked several of his projects so I know he and his team do an outstanding job.

wealth-steps.com Craig Fuhr - Craig is a full time rehabber and flipper in the Baltimore area. His rehabbing style is different because he does the full gut rehabs and more. He takes a house that was a 2/1 at 1200 sft. and turns it into a 4/2 with 2,000 sft. Not only that but his finished products are just amazing…granite, custom tile, and hardwood finishes, very modern looks and awesomely redesigned floor plans. 
It seems Craig has taken a hiatus from blogging at least for now but his site is chock full of ideas and great recommendations and has plenty of information to learn from. 

wealth-steps.com Bigger Pockets - Owner Joshua Dorkin has done a fantastic job of leveraging the power of the internet with the world of real estate investing. This site is more like a community and networking site rather than a blog although they technically do have a blog too. This site is a behemoth of ALL real estate investing information. But by far the greatest feature of it is the participation of numerous investors from all over the country and most importantly their willingness to help. I am a frequent participant and have found the forums to be extremely helpful.

Three of the real estate investing blogs above are about rehabbing and flipping houses the right way. What I mean by this is that these guys are not about putting "lipstick on a pig". These are professionals that use their skills to fix, improve and transform a mediocre or plain ol' crappy house (like Craig Fuhr would say) and turn it into a fantastic home that commands top dollar. In the process they make a good bit of money and they deserve it. Go check them out.

Do you have a good recommendation for a real estate investing blog? Fell free to let me know and why you recommend them.

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  1. Hey Luis,

    Thanks for the shout out and what a great post. You have come a long way and it makes me happy to know that in some way I gave you inspiration or help.

    You do a good job over here on your blog so keep up the good work. It takes a lot of personal time out of our busy schedules to share the things we do blogging but its worth it if it helps others succeed. Thanks again for the spotlight!

    1. Thanks for the kind words Tom!

      I agree with you on the time commitment but if it wasn't for blogs like yours I probably would not be on House #10.

      Although I am still mustering the courage to do the "mega" projects like you are doing in San Diego, the reality is that flipping houses is lots of fun and sharing it with others is even better.

      Thanks again...

  2. Hey there Luis -
    Thank you kindly for letting your readers know about BiggerPockets. I'm really happy to hear that we've played a role in your success and I hope that we continue to do so. See you back over on the BP social network and of course, the blog as well.

    Oh, and keep rocking it with those houses!


    1. Thanks so much Joshua.

      Bigger Pockets is a great resource and I am more than happy to recommend it.

      You bet I'll keep on flipping houses...looking for #11 now...

  3. Hello Luis,
    To add to your list I wanted to suggest to readers a blog that I really enjoy called http://www.flippingjunkie.com/. On this blog, Danny Johnson gives investors an insider look at how he operates his flipping business. I find it very informative.

    Thanks for listing these Luis.

    John Mohr

    1. Thanks John. I have ran into that blog a couple of times and thought it was pretty neat.

  4. Great post Luis. I recently came across a newer blog, www.flipphillygreen.com, where it seems like they flip one house at a time but put alot of work into them. For the most part I like reading it and seeing what the guy has to say. It's been a little slow lately...I think they just sold their current project.

    1. I checked it out, looks very nice and well done. It's very cool seeing other people in other parts of the country doing the same thing I am. Taking old, outdated or abandoned houses and making them beautiful again. It's also nice to see how other rehabbers finish their houses, it gives me ideas and it's just cool for me to see. Thanks for the suggestion.

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  6. Hey Luis,

    Thanks so much for the shout out! It's great to hear that my blog has served as a source of knowledge and information to others.

    Keep up the great work over here!

    Steph Davis :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by Steph. Your "eloquent" posts about the ins and outs of wholesaling and all your "sign posting" rounds to get your phone to ring off the hook were very informative and give a very realistic view of what it takes to make it happen as a wholesaler.

      Enjoy your travels...

  7. Matkasse
    Thanks for you useful tips. You can give me very useful tips that how i can investment in property. Thanks for you nice blog post.


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