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Friday, November 2, 2012

Celebrating a Milestone: House #10 is SOLD!

House #10 is sold as of last Friday and I wanted to celebrate with you where I am today. No, this is not about House #10 and how much money we made with this house flip, I will cover that in another post. This post on House #10 is more about having done, ten times over, something I did not think I could do. 

It's really about making significant progress in conquering fear, uncertainty and doubt - ten times over.

I have accumulated a life of sitting on the sidelines. Being too fearful to try something new, something hard, something that other people can do but not me. As a result of those fears and hesitations I have the life that I have. It's not a bad life, not by a long shot but I also realize its not the life that could be...

To use a cliche, the "wake up call" came several years ago when it finally dawned on me that I was not going where I wanted to go. And if I wanted to change directions I was going to have to face some fears and make some hard choices.

Leaving the military several years ago was a catalyst for this new way of thinking for me. Leaving the job I had done for a decade that was secure and predictable and was a source of comfort for me was part of this wake up call. Making that transition allowed me to start pushing my own envelope.

I took the time to clarify what I wanted out of MY life and chose my mission. I concluded that building wealth for me and my family would allow me to create personal freedom to live the life I want. Therefore I started aligning my decisions more and more with that purpose.

I started "training myself" to handle more risk, make decisions and try new things. I realized that seeking safety and security was a winning strategy to achieve mediocrity. I figured the last thing God wants me to do with my life is live in mediocrity so I owe him and those around me better than that.

As you will be able to see if you read my very first house flipping project, I was pretty terrified of becoming a house flipper. I know to some of you it might not sound like a big deal but the prospect of spending tens of thousands of MY dollars buying a house, buying materials, dealing with contractors and then hoping that it will sell was a risky proposition that my security-seeking-soul could not bear.

But in the process I discovered that things are usually a lot worst in my head than they turn out in the real world. Sure, a 101 things could have gone wrong, but they didn't…instead just a few things went wrong and I was able to deal with them.

So here I am now, 10 houses later.

In the process between House #1 and House #10 I have become a hard headed knucklehead that refuses to give up on something. Heck, I even think I have become one of those "Type A" persons setting goals and all and even achieving them. But I wasn't always like that...

So House #10 is very special to me…

Once again I achieved something I once thought I could not do. I also did a something I am proud off by fixing up a house that needed fixing and selling it to someone that really likes it and is going to make it their home.

I thank God for allowing me to do this and contribute in this way - being able to sell great houses and telling you about them. In the process I am shaping my financial future and my family’s financial tree. All the while feeling that I am finally in the drivers seat and going where I want to go not based on fear but based on choice.

I am grateful that I can also celebrate this with you. Thanks for reading.

I know it's a cliche but I had to take a picture with the check!

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