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Monday, April 15, 2013

Potential Deal?...Don't Walk, Run!

This week I was reminded that when opportunity knocks the advantage goes to the proactive person and not the reactive one. You see, I got an email with a potential deal in my preferred area of real estate investing. Although good deals in my area are rare, they are possible because that is how I got House #8.

This was a wholesaler deal, meaning that an investor finds the property and puts it under contract and then tries to assign the sales contract to another buyer (me). They make their money by setting the sales price to his end buyer higher than the sales price he contracted with the owner of the property. The difference in prices is their profit.

I immediately gave him a ring but I couldn't get a hold of him until late in the day so we set an appointment to see the house the next day.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Rental House Update and What You Must Know Before Purchasing Rental Property

My rental house is now sold! (my favorite four letter word in real estate).

In the previous post about this house I wrote about how we had taken a chance and decided to sell the house instead of rent it. It turned out that the interest for purchasing was much higher than the interest for renting.

Not only was it very easy to get an offer on this house, we got several offers on the house within 48 hours. To top it all it was fairly smooth transaction to get to the closing table.

First off we had to sort through all the offers that we got. Initially we got two cash offers slightly under the listing price of $125,000 and one financed offer at asking price. But then the offers kept pouring in but all of them at listing price. That is when I decided to roll the dice…

Monday, April 8, 2013

Do You have Passion for What You Do?

Ran into this short clip about Steve Jobs' thoughts on passion for your work. It made me think quite a bit and wonder what areas in my life do I feel passionate about. It's not just passion for the work I do to put food on the table but of all the things that you and I do in our lives how many of them do we feel passionate about?