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Monday, April 8, 2013

Do You have Passion for What You Do?

Ran into this short clip about Steve Jobs' thoughts on passion for your work. It made me think quite a bit and wonder what areas in my life do I feel passionate about. It's not just passion for the work I do to put food on the table but of all the things that you and I do in our lives how many of them do we feel passionate about?

Am I passionate about being a father?

Am I passionate about being a husband?

Am I passionate about the work I do every day?

Am I passionate about what I spent most of my time doing?

Some of these might be easy to answer others not so much...

For the easy ones I should pay more attention so I can learn what it is I should be doing more of. Why do I like them? What makes me passionate about them?

For example, I can tell you that I am passionate about rehabbing houses and investing in general and then writing about it on this site and answering your questions...

I am passionate about running and spending time outdoors. I am passionate about time with my family and helping my children become adults. I am passionate, as a project manager, about making my projects a success.

So one of the lessons I gather from this short video is to not only figure out what you are truly passionate about (that alone can take a looooong time) but then to align your life so that the majority of your time is spent doing that which you are passionate about.

Also figure out a way to minimize the time spent doing things you are not passionate about.

Since your passions should not only be about what you do for a living, but your passions should be about all that you do in life which aligns with your purpose and in turn your happiness, then your search for what you are passionate about does not end at 5pm, Monday through Friday.

Here are a couple of things I have tried that have helped me better identify my passions:
  • Experiment - Not sure if you like tennis? Try it. Stop wondering, grab a racquet, sign up for a class and find out. If you don't like it then sell the racquet on Craigslist and move on...at least now you know...
  • Ask - Not sure if you would rather be a writer than an accountant. Go out and contact every writer you can. Over the internet this is so easy to do and I am sure you would be surprised how many writers out there would be more than willing to talk to you. I have done this myself in several different areas and I am always surprised at how willing others are to share their craft and help me.
  • Journal - Write down what you learn about yourself. You will be surprised how writing to yourself allows you to clarify your thinking, identify patterns and learn more about yourself.
  • Learn - Educating yourself is critical to opening your mind. Learning how things work so that your mind can walk through the possibilities for YOU can take you down paths you never dreamed of.

We all really owe it to ourselves and to those around us to find out what our passions are. This is not a selfish pursuit because when a human being finds out what they are passionate about and then pursues that passion that can bring out his best contribution to society and those around him.

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