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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Making Money With Full Time Real Estate Investing

An Interview with Danny Johnson a Full Time Investor

I recently had the privilege of speaking with Danny Johnson from FlippingJunkie.com, an experienced and very active real estate investor in the San Antonio area. Danny has been investing in real estate for about 10 years now of which 7 of them have been as a full time real estate investor.
FlippingJunkie - Danny, Melissa and Weston
Like so many out there Danny and his wife were neck deep in the grind of the full time corporate job and soon enough realized that type of life is someone else idea of making a living and not theirs.

Danny then started to have the kind of thoughts that I am very familiar with. He realized that the corporate job was not going to cut it if he intended to build wealth and reach financial independence one day.

So in comes real estate investing…