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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Surprise, Surprise! - Wealth-Steps.com Traffic Over The Last Year

I just wanted to share with you some surprising facts about this websites' traffic over the last year. I know some of my readers also run websites and blogs of their own so I think this might be useful.

Like I have mentioned already, 2013 was a major year of career transition for me. As such, time to maintain Wealth-Steps.com was close to non-existent. For most blogs this is usually the kiss of death.

Since search engine and Alexa rankings for blogs depend on traffic and traffic depends on frequency of adding content, when you have a blog and stop posting traffic goes down, period.

In my case, since Wealth Steps is not a blog, my traffic not only kept steady but much to my surprise it increased. 

For the first quarter of 2013 I was getting about seven to eight thousands visitors per month. During that time I was posting new content about 8-10 times per month.

Between May and December I only posted six times yet my traffic stayed mostly the same…

Furthermore it actually started increasing in December and just last month I had one of my highest traffic months EVER.

How come? You might ask…

I have no clue!

Really. I don’t know why, I did not change a thing, I made no SEO changes or improvements. It just went up.

However I am not surprised. I had written about this before. I run this site on the SBI platform and one of the advantages that this site has over a blog is the way that it’s treated by the search engines. I know other people that also have SBI sites and had the same experience.

Not only did traffic stay steady and increased but my income from Adsense also went up…without me doing a thing!

Isn’t that the holy grail of passive income?

Now, don’t think I make thousands in Adsense income. It ain’t much but it truly is free money. It helps me pay for the hosting and some website expenses and I don’t have to do a thing to earn it.

Also, if you are curious I can tell you that my most visited pages in January where:

  1. My RSS feed
  2. Home page
  3. Wealth Steps Blog and Site Updates page
  4. House Flipping Chronicles
  5. Importance of Financial Planning for Families and Individuals
And just for kicks here are some other curious facts:

  • My most visited page ever on the site other than the homepage and the updates page is the House Flipping Chronicles page
  • The most read blog post ever is House Flip #9: Final Financial Analysis
  • The #1 source of referrals is Google (duh!) with Bing not far behind
  • The top keywords for which I am found are:
    •   Houses
    •   2012 high net worth statistics
    •   Importance of personal finance
    •   Basic financial planning steps
    •   Building personal wealth
  • 69% of my traffic comes from the United States and 8% from China (huh?)
  •  87% of my visitors read my site on a non-mobile device
  •  4% read it on an iPad
  •  4% read it on an iPhone
 So if you have ever wondered about the difference between a website and a blog and how it affects traffic and how they are treated by the search engines I hope this helps. For me it's good to know that I don't have to be constantly adding content to maintain my traffic. 

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